LBGTQ and Inclusivity

Here at Rehl Chiropractic, we practice being inclusive of all genders, pronouns, relationship styles and ethnicities. We believe that using correct pronouns and gender are an important part of good patient care, and we have areas on our intake forms and in our patient charts that help us understand our patients better.

We have heard some unfortunate stories about medical settings where our LBGTQ (lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans, and questioning) patients felt unkindly and unfairly treated, and we think that’s unacceptable.  Our patients deserve to be seen and heard, no matter their pronouns or orientations.  If you identify as non-binary with they/them pronouns, as an example, we will have notes on your intake form and in your chart to help us address you correctly.

We do ask about your sex at birth because it impacts hormones, biochemicals and organs.  Please let us know if you are on hormone treatment, which would change your body biochemically and affect your body systems.

You are welcome at Rehl Chiropractic. 😊