Services & Techniques

At Rehl Chiropractic, we recognize that each of our patients is a whole person who deserves a comprehensive, personalized wellness program that targets the root causes of their specific condition(s). Wellness programs may include a combination of the following services and techniques:

Advanced Chiropractic Care

Advanced spinal correction and adjustments utilizing state-of-the-art techniques.

Applied Kinesiology

A noninvasive system that evaluates the body’s structural, chemical and mental aspects.

Nutrition Response Testing

Specific recommendations for nutritional supplements and healthy food choices.

Neuromuscular Reeducation

Brining the body back to balance by addressing the underlying compensation patterns.

Deep Tissue Work

Helping the body achieve balance and health – most effective when
combined with chiropractic care.

Pilates & Core Strengthening

Focusing on improved coordination, balance, postural control and spinal stability.