Meet the Doctor

After practicing chiropractic and bodywork for over 22 years, I’ve worked with thousands of patients. As a professional Applied Kinesiology doctor trained in multiple approaches, I help people get out of pain and resolve health issues by identifying and resolving the root cause of their problem(s). I have been called a “wizard”, a “magician”, and a “true healer”.

The fact is that I was also helped by these techniques, which prompted me to learn them so I could help others the same way I was helped.

When I was 18, I started getting back pain. By my late 20’s my neck was stiff and achy. My healing journey brought me to massage school, but it was ultimately chiropractic that helped me with my chronic pain and stiffness. I was only 33 when started experiencing exhaustion. I remember it clearly. I would awake so tired that I would curse in the morning. It was horrible. Coffee and exercise did not help. I was scared. I went to my doctor but the lab results were normal. The doctor had no advice for me. I learned about an Applied Kinesiologist (that’s what I am trained in now) who muscle tested me and told me that I was inflamed from eating wheat and was suffering from adrenal dysregulation. Testing my cortisol levels (which my doctor did not do) revealed that I had very low levels in the morning, which explained my exhaustion. It was then that I realized I needed to work with a professional who understood physiology and dealt with underlying stressors, even when they didn’t show up in standard medical lab tests. I worked with the Applied Kinesiology doctor, a chiropractor, and got my energy back. I discovered that my health problems were related to my neck and back pain. By getting my adrenals healthy and by stabilizing my blood sugar throughout the day, my back and neck would stay corrected.

Today, I still have some aches and pain, but they are vastly improved, and my energy is also much better. I am 53 (I know, I’m 40 in that photo on the right), eat whole foods and exercise, and have no need for any prescription medications. I am healthy, thanks to Applied Kinesiology!

More About Dr. Rehl

After graduating from Haverford College in 1989, Dr. Rehl began his career as a middle school science teacher in North Carolina with the charter group for Teach For America. He later combined his scientific background with a burgeoning interest in massage and deep tissue work to carve out a new hands-on career in healthcare. Dr. Rehl relocated to California where he received his certificate in massage therapy and neuromuscular reprogramming from the Institute of Conscious Bodywork in Mill Valley.

Dr. Rehl went on to practice massage therapy at The Berkeley Massage & Self-Healing Center and teach Pilates at Synergy Fitness in Albany. In 2000, Dr. Rehl met an outstanding chiropractor who had also mastered the art of Applied Kinesiology (AK). Seeing immediate and profound results from this technique, Dr. Rehl began to enthusiastically study AK in conjunction with physiology and nutrition.

Between 2000 and 2004, Dr. Rehl attended many seminars hosted by Standard Process and the International Foundation For Health. He also studied Acupoint Integrative Testing and Nutrition Response Testing, two techniques which use muscle testing to assess underlying health imbalances and to determine highly effective nutritional protocols.

In 2004, feeling compelled to expand even further in order to allow for a higher level of diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Rehl enrolled at Life Chiropractic College West to become a doctor of chiropractic. Dr. Rehl graduated summa cum laude in 2008. While in school, he was the recipient of the Who’s Who of American Colleges and Universities Award as well as the two-time recipient of the George Goodheart Scholarship for Applied Kinesiology.

Between 2008 and 2020, Dr. Rehl has studied even more techniques, including Wholistic Methylation and Morphogenic Field Technique, allowing him to probe even deeper into the mechanisms of disease and wellness. Dr. Rehl also studied with many lab companies while using their results from his patients to learn physiology on a level that Kaiser and other mainstream medical facilities still to this today do not provide. This includes testing for adrenal dysregulation, hormonal imbalances, detoxification problems, essential nutrient deficiencies, and more. His latest excitement is the discovery that determine genetic variances that cause health problems. Even someone eating the perfect diet may not utilize the nutrients on a cellular level because proteins in the cells may be faulty due to genetics. Thus, Wholistic Methylation determines solutions beyond just vitamins and minerals. This continuing drive to learn more and more is what Dr. Rehl’s patients love about him.

Due to his own health issues, Dr. Rehl has developed deep insights into the nature of healing and what it means to be a patient. He has compassion and warmth, an excellent bedside manner, and is honest and kind. Patients respond to Dr. Rehl because they appreciate his genuine dedication to their wellbeing, and they know that he is on their side.