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Rediscover Wellness

Wellness is more than temporary relief from symptoms, an isolated adjustment, or the latest dietary trend. At Rehl Chiropractic, wellness is total recovery from pain and injury, restorative nutrition, and renewed strength and balance.

Our Unique Approach

Rehl Chiropractic offers advanced chiropractic techniques and nutritional counseling, which can be provided together or separately. We focus on treating the whole person and addressing the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction. Unlike conventional medicine, which treats disease after it occurs, our holistic care is also preventative. This approach helps reduce the risk of future pain and illness.

Wellness Programs

For patients currently experiencing pain or other symptoms, Rehl Chiropractic provides a unique method for relief and improved health. Our personalized wellness programs address various health and nutritional conditions. These include digestive issues, skeletal problems, skin conditions, sleep disturbances, vascular concerns, immune system challenges, and energy or mood disorders.

LBGTQ & Inclusivity

At Rehl Chiropractic, we are committed to inclusivity for all genders, pronouns, relationship styles, and ethnicities. We understand that using correct pronouns and gender identities is crucial for effective patient care and our intake forms and patient charts include sections designed to help us better understand our patients. For more information on our commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity and patient care, read more here.

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