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I have been a chiropractic patient for approximately 25 years, not for any injuries but because I know how good it feels to be free of subluxations

I found Dr. Michael Rehl in February of 2009 through his website. My long-time chiropractor had retired and I was looking for someone with a similar practice and philosophy, including Applied Kinesiology and nutrition. I was ready to make some big changes in my health. I walked every day but knew I need to do more. I was on a very expensive prescription for chronic constipation and wanted to find a different, healthier solution.

Dr. Rehl immediately noted that I had an intolerance to wheat through nutritional testing. He recommended that I remove all wheat products from my diet for a month. I took that challenge the next step further. After reading a few books and researching online, I decided to eliminate wheat and all gluten from my diet for a month. I began to take the nutritional supplements Dr. Rehl recommended. I also eliminated certain dairy products, as lactose intolerance can cause some of the same symptoms as gluten. Within about two weeks I noticed a big difference. The constant bloating and gassy feeling I lived with and which I attributed to my chronic constipation issues was remarkably improved. My left hip area bothered me at times and I assumed it could only be corrected by chiropractic adjustments. However, Dr. Rehl showed me that it was actually related to my digestive issues. Dr. Rehl also recommended that I do more than my daily walks in terms of exercise. He said that muscle strength and resistance training could improve my overall muscle tone, which would then help maintain my chiropractic adjustments. I joined a gym and now in addition to my daily walks, I take a fitness class or use the various machines and weights at the gym three times a week.

L. Goodwin

52, Homemaker

Prior to being treated by Michael I had pain (7 on a scale of 10) running down my right leg from my hip to my foot

I also had numbness across the bottom of my foot. Only when I was fully occupied at work could I be distorted from the pain. It was extremely uncomfortable just to stand in place and sitting offered only minimal relief. I was unable to sleep at night without pain medication. I completely stopped my regular routines of yoga, exercise and twice daily hikes. I felt as if I’d grown 15-20 years older overnight. I feel much confidence and comfort in the face of Michael’s tenacious efforts to relieve my painful condition. More than once Have I sincerely felt that Michael cares more about eliminating my pain and discomfort than I do. On my worst day, my pain has diminished by at least 50% and I’ve also had pain-free days with just a slight numbness in my foot. Even when I sometimes exacerbate the pain lifting heavy objects, the pain and numbness leave me within 1 or 2 days or with one treatment from Michael. I no longer take pain medications for sleep. My M.D. and a podiatrist both could only offer pain meds and physical therapy.

C. Hinds


I had two spots on my upper back that would get tingly and feel numb

I was really scared since it was on both sides of my upper back – one was behind my heart. My last chiropractor had told me I needed to see a neurologist (because his adjustments weren’t working—didn’t take away the tingling/numbness). Dr. Rehl’s adjustments gave IMMEDIATE relief to those symptoms. I am now free of any discomfort, including the tingly numbness. I’m not scared anymore, and feel on the road to health. And I feel and look great! I’m 41 but people often think I’m only 28. Thanks, Dr. Rehl!

In addition, I had been on blood pressure medication for 6 months when I met Dr. Rehl. After discovering heavy metals—specifically mercury—in my system, Dr. Rehl put me on supplements to remove the mercury safely from my body. My blood pressure immediately started going down. Within 2 months I was able to get off of the blood pressure medication! I am very proud of the fact that I/we deprived the pharmaceutical industry of a “customer for life” by getting me off of blood pressure medicine.

Mary M.


I have scoliosis which results in an imbalance between my right and left side

My neck was often “locked up” and it was painful for me to turn my head. The condition made walking difficult and stressful. My upper back, neck and shoulders would often hurt. I would try to find ways of compensating, but this resulted in more muscular contraction and stress.

Dr. Rehl’s knowledge of the structural mechanics of the human body is impressive. He learns his field, and related fields thoroughly. His background in deep tissue massage, Pilates, and chiropractic provides an impressive complimentary combination of vantage points in dealing with structurally related problems.

I now have greater freedom in movement around my neck. Walking is no longer so stressful. I feel much more at ease with my posture both in standing and walking. My neck, shoulders, and back no longer hurt as much. I feel I’m regaining a part of my younger adulthood. Other professionals tended to focus on their specialties and missed some necessary items outside their specialty. Sometimes a well-rounded approach helps.


Michael Rehl is a gifted chiropractor who helped me tremendously when my neck went out

He was able to squeeze me into his busy schedule and offer me instantaneous relief. His previous work as a neuromuscular therapist gives him an edge over other chiropractors because he has the ability to really listen with his hands and find the exact areas that need manipulation. He is very passionate about his work and listens to patients complaints and works very hard to achieve optimum results. I recommend him highly and send my clients and friends to him as well!

Diana Syverud

L.M.T., Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Dr. Rehl’s knowledge of the structural mechanics of the human body is impressive

He learns his field, and related fields thoroughly. His background in deep tissue massage, Pilates, and chiropractic provides an impressive complimentary combination of vantage points in dealing with structurally related problems. I now have greater freedom in movement around my neck. Walking is no longer so stressful. I feel much more at ease with my posture both in standing and walking


Dr. Rehl really turned things around for me

My neck used to hurt all the time, but now I am pain free most of the time!

Mari, 31


[I was] crooked and in relatively constant pain

[The] pain slowed me down and the people around me considered me ‘just gettin’ old’. Dr. Rehl thoroughly examined my spine (prior doc’s never took x-rays) so I could see exactly where my body appeared. Then, a series of adjustments moved things in a more comfortable position. I can stand up straight again. I can attempt to exercise more and build strength.

Dave Ortiz


I have suffered from sciatic nerve pain for 30 years

I had to take pain medications daily because of the extreme pain. In addition to the adjustments Michael made on my spine, he stretches the muscles and teaches me how to do stretches that support what he does. I don’t have to live on pain medications any more because I’m no longer in such pain.

I have gone to Chiropractors for 30 years and have never had the relief that Michael has provided.



Dr. Michael Rehl is a “wizard” of a body detective

He LISTENS (that’s a rare and wonderful thing among healers of ALL sorts), but to THAT (listening well) he adds his training in physiology, body mechanics and kinesiology. In particular, his use of kinesiological “muscle testing” to direct and fine-tune his chiropractic adjustments is quite amazing to experience. Dr. Rehl also seems to have a much broader repertoire of “adjustments” than that of any other chiropractors (or other bodywork people) I’ve seen before (all of whom, by the way, were quite good in their areas of expertise).

I’m generally in very good health, with a strong constitution, but had had long-term chronic skeletal distortion, caused by one very flat foot plus an old knee injury and my body’s gradual accommodation to THAT. This “skeletal distortion” was not only visible as a torqued and slightly leaning upper body, but also generated intermittent often quite intense “rib out” pain, neck-and-shoulder pain, and occasional lower back pain. This condition did not slow me down a lot, but then, I discovered after being in Dr. Rehl’s care how much I had “gotten used to” and was accommodating (working around) constant, low-level pain.

The alignment of my body has greatly improved – in part from Dr. Rehl’s direct corrective work on it, and in part because he diagnosed part of my chronic body “twist” from my having asymmetrical problems with my genetically flat feet. Dr. Rehl experimented with various types and amounts of shoe-lifts. This was VERY inexpensive and almost ridiculously effective. Now my body looks STRAIGHT in the mirror, I don’t have the ribs on my upper left side “out” and painful all the time, and finally I am REALLY comfortable hitting the gym regularly (which always hurt too much to do before).

After my knee injury (10 years ago), I went to three different physical therapists, all of whom did NOT help the knee, but DID seem to accelerate my body misalignment moving into my lower and upper back. I’ve had a great chiropractor (in another state) who could TEMPORARILY relieve some of my skeletal issues, but never seemed to really “fix” them. After a few months of seeing Dr. Rehl (every 2 to 4 weeks, for just 20-30 minutes), I am a different guy, with a body that is REALLY comfortable to live in. A real gift at age 62!

Berkeley Fuller

62, Author

I was having chronic neck pain and numbness and tingling in my right arm and hand

This condition caused me to feel irritable as the pain and tingling would cause constant discomfort. What I really liked about Dr. Rehl’s approach was his use of different modalities to determine the problem—muscle kinesiology, meridians, etc. His adjustments always provided immediate relief. My neck and arm pain is much better. There are weeks where I am pain free and I always know I’ll feel better after an adjustment. I did visit various medical doctors and had multiple scans performed along with physical therapy which did not help, but I find Dr. Rehl’s approach to provide more lasting benefit.

Deborah B.


Michael is incredible – he has solved so many problems for me!

His adjustments are really helpful for alleviating pain and also help my range of motion. He is a gifted chiropractor.

Michael’s work with nutritional counseling really just seems magical. He uses muscle testing to figure out where your underlying problems are and how to correct them, and then you follow his protocol (dietary changes and/or supplements) and you see such a difference! He has helped me with so many problems over the years I wouldn’t know where to start. Just recently he assisted me in being able to reduce my thyroid medication by helping my own thyroid to function more fully. Test results have come back great!

I see Michael for chiropractic and nutritional counseling and would highly recommend him for either or both!!

Mani S., Web Developer

I was having trouble digesting most meals

I tried to identify and avoid foods that I thought were troublesome, which helped somewhat, but was inconsistent. Sometimes I would get very bloated and uncomfortable, with bad gas. At times it was draining. I found myself eating smaller amounts and avoiding meat (which I need), and I was losing weight.

Dr. Rehl’s treatment efficiently identified the organs having difficulty, foods that were problematic, and supplements that were helpful. The condition IMMEDIATELY improved and continued to improve over time. My digestion was back to normal after a couple months, and after 4 months I could substantially reduce the supplements I needed initially. It was also totally noninvasive and didn’t require taking any drugs with side effects. When I had the condition checked out at Kaiser, they ruled out other diseases, but could not help with the digestive problem. They prescribed antacids, which I declined. (Dr. Rehl found I actually needed additional stomach acid in a supplement form!)