Pilates & Core Strengthening

Dr. Rehl’s prior experience as a Pilates instructor and his core-strengthening training at Life West Chiropractic College make him an ideal person to help patients learn to exercise properly. Dr. Rehl focuses on improved coordination, balance, postural control, and spinal stability with simple, highly effective exercises that use the body as a whole, as opposed to training individual muscles separately. Improved function is crucial for both accident prevention and general fitness.

Corrective Exercises

Dr. Rehl teaches patients how to perform special “blueprint” exercises that can help strengthen and correct painful irregularities in the body. Targeted corrective exercises and stretches can help patients feel good and help the body achieve balance and health. Many corrective exercises can be performed at home in order to help improve the effectiveness of chiropractic care as part of an overall personalized wellness plan.

Lifestyle Advice

Dr. Rehl uses his expertise to help patients achieve healthier, more fulfilling lives with simple changes in daily activities. For example, he may offer advice about which activities to minimize or do differently to prevent injury or aggravation of particular health conditions. Sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact.